PHUL Workout is about Effective Strength and Muscle Gains

PHUL, abbreviation for power hypertrophy upper lower, is a workout program that focuses on strength and muscle gains. The system is designed to hit each major muscle group in the upper and lower body four times a week.

PHUL is for guys and gals who want to not only look strong but be strong and feel better. It’s compound movements are the main focus so bodybuilders and powerlifters take note – this training program prioritizes functional strength over looks.

This workout program focuses on compound movements to maximize strength gains and improve the main pillars of lifting: the Bench, the squat, and the deadlift. Isolation exercises are chosen to support the main goal – increasing strength AND muscle mass.

Simple, Easy Tips When Beginning your Workouts

  • Eat right, drink plenty of water, plenty rest = quicker gains
  • More strength/more resistance = more muscle
  • Start light and focus on proper form techniques to avoid injuiries
  • Increase weight over time to gain strength
  • Free weight, compound exercises increase mobility and stability

Stop Wasting Hours in the Gym

Tired of that 12 week workout? Cut that time by 50% and increase your gains over the next 6 weeks. Just five to seven exercises, four times a week and an hour per workout. With two days of training and then one rest day, you’ll start again refreshed and ready to go again and again.

Download the Free PHUL Workout Guide Now

Still Skeptical? Watch our free videos, download the PHUL worksheet, download our free apps (launching soon). Thousands of people all over the world have benefited from the workout guide that focuses on building muscle, burning fat, and getting stronger.

Results Without the Supplements

Get natural, explosive results without using drugs. Go on, your body needs a real challenge. Prove it to yourself that it works.